In this video, I wanted to share how we can help you grow your business and influence with Interview Style Video.

Problems that you will face when starting

When you get started with video, you face three main hurdles. Do I have the right equipment setup? Will I look good? How do I come up with the right content ideas that will resonate with my audience? And then, how do I promote it to get the most out of it, because video is a really high value asset and it would be a waste if you just posted and then crickets, you just wait for the results to happen. You have to promote it, you have to do a SEO optimization, marketing, and promotion. All that you can do  internally, but chances are you don’t have any YouTube experts on your team so you may have to hire someone or somebody has to learn and it’s going to take a long time for them. They will do trial and error, they will make some mistakes, and those can come back to haunt you.

Tip: Do your SEO optimization from the beginning

For example, I was talking to a business YouTuber and he had 300 videos, then he realized that he hadn’t SEO optimized the descriptions in the meta tags so he had to go back and fix everything. It took a long time. More importantly, he had wasted a lot of time, because if he had done the correct marketing early on he would be getting a lot more views and subscribers as he was going along. After one year, he started SEO optimizing.

How our team works

We can do that for you right away. We have a team that does it for hundreds of people. What we can do is SEO keyword and competitive analysis very efficiently so you know exactly what content to produce. Then we can interview you and make sure that you look good on camera. We’re even working with Broadway actors for tapes. They can do a mock tear down of your video to give you very specific ideas on how to improve. Then, we have our launch team to help you promote the video. They would watch the video to get some initial bump and organic rankings, but SEO optimize your keywords, your title or your description, meta tags, everything. All you need to do is give us one hour of your time every three months. That’s all we need.

How we produce the Interview Video

We interview you for one hour based on the topics we have identified, and with your help to tweak them and make sure that they will resonate your audience because you know your clients and exactly who you’re targeting. We refine the agenda of the topics, then we hop on a call for one hour, we do the interview.

It will look just like this. It’s going to be very natural and conversational. You record the video locally. We show you exactly how to do the setup, the equipment, how to look good, how to record. You send us the video and you’re done. We will edit it, make sure it looks good and it’s professionally produced.

How we promote the video

Then, we’re going to promote it. We will give you the transcript with the caption so you can also post on your LinkedIn profile and on your LinkedIn feed and you can start engaging on the B2B side and doing sales that way, building trust with your LinkedIn audience, but also repurpose for your blog post. So you get a lot of value out of one asset, which is one hour of interview every three months. That gives us the content to drip content into your YouTube channel once every week. That’s a two to three minute video. Also every week, you get that video, the transcript, and the caption so you can use on LinkedIn or your blog post.

We are cost effective

When our clients find out the price, immediately the question is how do you even make money? That’s because A, we have streamlined our processes. We’re doing it across hundreds of clients and we have a team that’s super refined. We figure out exactly all the kinks and we know exactly what works so we don’t waste time trying to figure it out. So, we’re super streamlined in terms of the production, editing, and promotion. B, you help us sell it through word of mouth. That’s super important because it saves us on sales cost, and those cost savings are passed on to you. That way, we can make it super cost effective. Super streamlined so we save you time and super cost effective to save you money.

If you’re not yet ready for that kind of commitment to work with us, we have another solution for you, which is our mastermind group.

You can join to get ideas, get many of the same tapes, join our newsletter, and more importantly perhaps, get that accountability buddy so people make sure that you stick to your plan to start producing and promoting your videos so that you develop your thought leadership, you grow your audience, and you start building trust with your clients. Once you see results, maybe you upgrade at that point and you start working with us.