Hey, today we're going to be looking at how a real estate agent is using content creation best practices to grow his YouTube channel and engage with new clients.

Hey, today we’re going to be looking at how a real estate agent is using content creation best practices to grow his YouTube channel and engage with new clients.

The channel we’re looking at belongs to Javier Vidana, who’s based in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s been posting on YouTube since September, 2017 so a little less than two years. And in that time he’s managed to gain 12,000 subscribers to his channel, which means that he must be providing good quality content that’s providing value to his audience if he was able to get those 12,000 subscribers.


1. Camera

If we look at the setup that he’s using, he’s obviously using a single camera, because we’re not seeing multiple camera angles in his videos. So, he’s probably using either a high definition webcam or a high definition phone camera.

2. Microphone

That sound is good, he’s got good audio, which means he either has a shotgun mic or he has a USB mic that’s just a little bit off screens, so we’re not seeing a mic on camera. Another option would be to use a lapel mic, they have USB lapel mics that we can use, but he doesn’t seem to have one, so he’s probably using either a USB mic off camera or a shotgun mic.

3. Lighting

The videos are well lit, which means that he’s probably got a light source right in front of him, either a ring light or some sort of LED light, and that’s important. You really want the lighting to be good or else the video’s just not going to pop off the screen the way that you want it to.

Video Content

1. Topic

Now, if we look at the videos themselves, each video focuses on a specific topic in real estate. This is really, really important, okay? For example, if I’m searching for something in real estate, I’m probably searching for a specific topic.

2. Title

Now, if you notice the titles of his videos are quite long, but that’s good and I’ll explain why. When you… Let’s take an example, so one of his videos is called, “Is The Housing Market Going To Crash In 2019? Should You Wait To Buy A House?” Now, that might seem like a really long title, but there’s tons of really good keywords in that title. So if I go online and I’m searching housing market 2019, housing market crash 2019, should I buy a house in 2019, there’s a really good chance that his video is going to pop up in my search. And because it’s video, it’s going to be more likely to pop up at the top than if he had written a blog post or something text-based focusing on the same topic.

3. Slides

Now, in the videos themselves, he’s using texts that pops up on screen every once in a while, to support what he’s saying. He doesn’t use it a whole lot, which means that he’s not doing a whole bunch of extra work after recording, but he does use it strategically here and there.

4. Thumbnail

You’ll also notice that each video, when you look at the YouTube page itself, each video has a nicely designed thumbnail. That’s also really important. YouTube wants to see two things on your thumbnails, they want to see bold texts that basically displays what the topic of that video is and they want to see your face. So you want to have your face on one side with nice bold texts on the other. If you do that, it’s going to help the searchability of your videos on YouTube.

5. Posting Frequency

For his frequency, he’s posting about one video per week. I think that one video per week is a really good place to start. One video per week is not a huge commitment time-wise, but it is enough that you’re going to be able to consistently connect with your audience. If you’re only posting once a month, it’s going to be really hard to gain traction. So I find one video per week is that sweet spot where it’s not too much of a commitment, but it’s enough so that you’re starting to build that consistency not only with your audience but with the YouTube algorithm as well.

6. Personality

And finally, Javier has a good personality. He really makes an effort to connect with his audience on camera and that’s really important if you want people to keep coming back. Yes, you need to provide value in the content that you’re discussing, but you also want to make sure that you’re displaying your personality, that you’re being interesting because in the end, that’s what it is. It’s about connecting with your audience and people are going to connect with you as much as they’re going to connect with what you’re talking about. So there it is, that’s how a real estate agent is able to use video content marketing and a YouTube channel to provide value to his audience and connect with new clients. Thanks for listening.