Welcome to our channel, where you will learn everything about how video can help you grow your business!

My name is Konstantine and I’m the founder of Board Studios, where we help companies explain what they do, differentiate themselves from the competition with compelling positioning, engage audiences with video content marketing – perhaps the only sustainable way to grow your business organically these days – and convert website visitors into leads through mini e-courses, gated videos, lead magnets, and interactive videos.

We work with companies ranging from concept-stage startups that want to crowdfund with a video produced by comedians, to operating businesses that want to leapfrog the competition with video content marketing, and more established business that want to boost their tradeshow ROI with great videos in their booth, or increase their RFP win rates, or send out a more compelling sales message they can control.

The point is, we’ve done more than 1,500 videos over the past 6 years, we’re innovative, business-first, and growing fast.

In this channel we’ll be posting 1 video every week, it’s going to have high production value, fully scripted and edited, so you know we won’t be wasting any of your time… and we’ll give you tons of valuable information in the most effective way possible. All about how to grow your business, get the most out of your videos, stand out, and beat the competition.

So stick around if you’d like to learn how fast-growing business are leveraging video, what many experts call the #1 source of new business when done right.