How to lower the cost of video… introducing “Video as a Service” (VaaS)

Cutting edge companies are wising up to the idea that customers don’t read anymore, so they need video. And in order to get a return on their investment, they need a video strategy.

You need an optimized YouTube channel, video ads, and a constant stream of videos in order to engage audiences properly, stand out from the competition, become an authority in your field, and build trust.

So what’s the challenge? The high cost of video.

Now, there IS a solution! We call it Video as a Service “VaaS” and it’s based on a recurring model, where you have access to a video strategy -> production -> execution team dedicated to your success.

First… why is video so expensive?

Because up until now, video production was delivered on a “project” basis. You can call a production company at any time with a project that you need “tomorrow”. There’s no visibility in terms of demand. Effectively, it’s a business that experiences random demand spikes.

So the costs are high for one of two reasons:

  • If the production company relies on in-house talent, it suffers from low capacity utilization during dry spells, so it needs to charge higher prices to cover employee costs; or
  • The production company relies on contractors in order to keep employee costs flexible. In turn though, contractors themselves need to charge high prices in order to shore up for periods of low capacity utilization, or temporary “unemployment”.

How can we lower the cost of video?

The problem is: clients can’t afford high video prices for training, client onboarding, and social media. On the other hand, production companies can’t lower prices with low capacity utilization and low visibility.

So we need more volume, which will translate into higher capacity utilization. And we need more visibility.

We can drive volume with lower prices, so that’s an “easy” solve. But how can we get more visibility? With a recurring business model!

Up until now, no one had figured out a recurring business model for video production. But once you crack the code, you see that you can drive costs down dramatically, which in turn gives more volume, and the flywheel keep spinning!

How it works

For a monthly fee, you get access to a set number of production slots. Our studio is permanently set up so there are no scheduling, setup, and low-utilization costs. And our talent is full-time.

The result? DRAMATICALLY lower costs. So you can turn blog posts, white paper summaries, training & onboarding material into video.

Our solution is all-inclusive so you don’t have to find a videographer or an actor or studio or editors etc. With a flat fee we take care of everything:

  • You sit in front of our cameras, or we interview you online, or one of our actors sits in front of the camera.
  • We shoot, edit, and deliver the clean videos in a snap.