Welcome to Board Studios, a boutique video production company, where we help clients grow with the right video marketing strategy and execution.

The most common situation we come across – by far – is that a company calls up an agency, gets a video, and then… crickets!  There are 2 problems usually.

One – there was never a video marketing strategy discussion.

WHO are you targeting, HOW will you reach them, and WHERE are they in your funnel?  These are questions that you need to answer before you even start production.  Because the answers will determine what type of video you need – what style, how long should it be, what topic should it cover.  Without a plan in place, you’re flying blind.  You’re getting a video because you saw a competitor has one or your boss said let’s use video.  But you’ll be disappointed, and you’ll be throwing money out the window.  Trust me, you don’t want to get a video and THEN think about what comes next.  It will be too late.

Two – usually there is a problem with the script.

9 out of 10 video production companies have great creative… but no business people.  Which means that they don’t “get” your business and objectives.  They just can’t, and nobody can blame them.  So they can create a pretty-looking video, but it can’t be effective.  It won’t drive RESULTS!  Our team blends decades of business, entrepreneurship, and marketing expertise along with awesome creative talent.

All so we can come in and triage the situation.  Ask the right questions, and interpret the answer in a way that will truly help your business.

What kind of videos could be needed

If your customers don’t know what you do and you’re doing cold outreach, then you probably need an explainer video.  But if you’re already engaged with them and they simply don’t “get” it, perhaps you need mini case studies to demonstrate your value proposition.  Or if you’ve already signed up customers but they can’t get as much value from your service as they should, maybe you need some educational and demo videos.  Or maybe you’re looking for a simple yet effective sales funnel, where you need a high-value video, and “gate” it by asking for the viewer’s email in exchange for something that’s very high value like a cheatsheet that’s customized for their company.

Here’s an example of how that works.  In a second, a pop-up will come up in this video, asking for your email.  Enter it if you’d like to receive a fully custom recommendation on a high-converting video lead magnet specific for YOUR business, something you can use to boost your conversions by up to 10x!

When you have tried advertising before and it doesn’t work

And we’re back!  Here’s another thing… Many companies we talk to come to us and say “we need a video” but after a conversation we figure out that they’ve tried advertising before and it doesn’t work, all the competitors are saying the same things, and it’s just too difficult to cut through the noise.  That’s where you have to step outside the typical sandbox and you want to demonstrate thought leadership by creating educational video content.  There’s no agency better suited to help you do that!  We have a dedicated, full-time video production studio where you can produce a series of videos, video lead magnets, video podcasts, and courses very cost-effectively.

With Board Studios in your corner, our promise is that you will have a leg up on the competition because in order to replicate what we can help you do they’ll need to invest 5 to 10x more.  That’s an order of magnitude of lower customer acquisition costs.  If you’re curious to learn more, get in touch and see how we can help with your video marketing strategy!