How Video works on LinkedIn and YouTube for Lead Generation

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m advocating producing video content, a great value adding content for your audience, to connect with them authentically. In a previous video, I covered how to come up with great content. And now I want to share how video content works for lead generation, because you may be wondering, okay I’m posting on LinkedIn, I’m posting on YouTube, how are my prospects going to find out about me and connect with me?

Two ways video lead generation works

  1. Catching your channel partners attention
  2. Reaching your target audience directly

1. Catching your channel partners attention – How video works on LinkedIn


On LinkedIn, you may not be reaching your target audience directly, but what happens is that people who have access to your audience, what you may call as channel partners, they pay attention to your videos. When I’m posting a video on Video Content Marketing, it’s much more likely that a PR agency would pay attention, rather than the client, because their client needs a lot more education. And yes, I’m trying to reach them with my video content that’s educational, but it may not work as I hope it will. However, PR agencies that are more in tune with what I’m saying, and they want to do more video content for their clients, when the client is ready, they know who to turn to.

So, video on LinkedIn works great for referrals through channel partners, who when one of their clients is inquiring about something or they think that the client will benefit from that, immediately we have somebody top of mind, and they refer them to you.

2. Reaching your target audience directly – How video works on YouTube

YouTube likes

The second way video helps you generate leads, is when you’re posting it on YouTube. And there you have a more direct access to your clients or prospects at that point who are searching Google for specific things. As long as you have video SEO optimized, which means you have your keywords on the title, you use the right keyword density in your scripts or in the descriptions of your videos, and the right meta tags, Google will index you and recognize your videos of valuable content for what your audience is searching for, and will prioritize your content. And will rank you even on the first page, especially if you do how-to videos on specific topics that your audience cares about.

If you were wondering how will your audience connect with you with your videos on LinkedIn or YouTube, these are the two ways. On LinkedIn, you have more channel partners who will refer clients to you, and on YouTube you will have more organic traffic from Google keyword searches.

Hope this helps, and get started on your videos.