Win multi-million dollar RFPs with video

How we helped an IT Services client win a multi-million dollar RFP

Our speed and business/tech backgrounds are especially handy when you’re 1 week away from submitting your proposal and want to give it that extra “oomph” to stand out. We know you’re super-busy putting in the final touches for that RFP and we’re here to help!

We often work with clients in the IT/tech industry because we “get” tech fast and can translate “engineering-speak” into layman’s terms. We can take a deck or RFP summary and turn it into a 2-minute day-in-the-life video with minimal disruption of your team’s day-to-day.

In fact, once, a multinational tech client sent us a 1-hour video of their engineer explaining a cutting-edge technology they just implemented. We converted that into a 5-minute whiteboard animation.  And their sales people used it to open all their client meetings.

It was a great way to get everything on the same page fast, and then bring in the subject-matter-experts to answer questions. Compare that to wasting the first half-hour of an important client meeting explaining what you’re talking about.

What to expect

Typically, when you start working with an explainer animation production company, you’ll deal with an Account Manager or a Creative. When you have something complicated to convey, that can be a huge waste of your time and push you back weeks.

Or worse, you’ll end up with a very high-level video that doesn’t add any value. Have you ever watched a 2-minute that felt like a complete waste of time, with big words but not really talking about anything? Then you know the feeling, and you don’t want that for your audience.

Instead, our team has no account managers (or sales people for that matter). Our script writers have business background (operations, marketing, entrepreneurship). So they will understand your business and objectives, and help you craft the right message to deliver results. And they’ve been doing this for 6 years for 1,500+ videos so they’ve honed their skills quite well.

How does it work

It all starts with a half- to one-hour kickoff call to gather all the information, then we draft the script for your review, incorporate your feedback and changes, and then we sketch out all the action scenes so you pretty much see the video come to life. Once all the refinements are incorporated, we move on to production.

We work like a well-oiled machine with a simple 3-step process (script writing, storyboarding, production) that we’ve perfected.

The result? It takes us days to produce a video, not months. And that’s why our clients call us “the delta force of video”


We don’t have hard data on how much video will improve your win rate. There are so many factors that go into winning an RFP that video couldn’t possibly be a determining factor. However, it DOES highlight your differentiation and communicate your value proposition most effectively.  So it can get you to the top of the pile more than you think.

We’ve talked to procurement managers and proposal reviewers and they all have said that video helps a ton. Anything you can do for your proposal to stand out and resonate with client’s needs helps!

One thing I CAN share is that one of our clients received a standing ovation at the proposal review meeting after playing our 2-minute video.  They all really loved it.