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Tue 7/9 @ 1:00 - 1:45 PM ET

Tue 7/16 @ 1:00 - 1:45 PM ET


An Explainer Video is a great asset.
Get the most out of it and save money.

Do you NEED an Explainer?

An Explainer can be a powerful way to a) increase website conversions and b) lower your customer acquisition cost.

BUT, if you’re still testing your messaging or iterating through your product-market fit, then you’re too early. By the time you get your video, it will already be obsolete.

What’s the RIGHT Explainer for you?

In this workshop, we’ll discuss all the different options (DIY platforms, freelancers, agencies) so you’ll know the costs and pros & cons of each.

Next, we’ll help you figure out what’s the best video style that will be most effective for YOUR business, and deliver results.

So how can you save money??

By far the most important part of an Explainer is the Script. Should YOU write it? Or should you have the experts do it for you?

We’ll help you answer that question, but we’ll also show you what goes into a great Script so you CAN write your own. And that way, you can negotiate big savings on your next video!

Meet the speaker

Konstantinos Papakonstanitnou
Konstantinos Papakonstantinou

After 10+ year on Wall St, I started Board Studios Inc, a boutique video production & marketing agency. I was involved with a startup and we needed to explain what we do. I fell in love with whiteboard animations, but then found out that the process was a nightmare and the product too expensive. So I built a better mouse-trap and found out that many companies needed a business-person to hold their hands throughout the creative process.

And now we're helping clients with video strategies throughout their customer acquisition funnel: growing awareness, lowering their customer acquisition costs, improving conversions, educating & onboarding, internal comms, and a lot more. The key is to identify the right strategy, and make sure you're getting the most out of your videos.

Why should you register?

Here’s what you’ll learn

  • checkmark Do you NEED an explainer video?
  • checkmark What are the different options and costs
  • checkmark Which option is right for you
  • checkmark What are the pros and cons of different styles
  • checkmark What are the different components of an Explainer Video
  • checkmark Easiest way to save money on your Explainer
  • checkmark Common questions about script writing
  • checkmark What’s next

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