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How can animated explainer videos help your business

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My customers don’t know what we do

Get a great, explainer video, rooted in the science of persuasion, created by our team of experienced Business Creatives

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Need to lower Customer Acquisition Cost

Ads are great for a quick start but unsustainable longer term... How about demonstrating your thought leadership with educational videos?

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Looking for a more effective sales funnel

Drive traffic to a great educational video, and gate it after a minute to grab the viewer's email with the promise of adding even more value

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All my competitors say the same things

Build trust with thoughtful case studies and testimonial videos, where the focus is on authentically educating your audience

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I want my customers to USE my service

Especially in SaaS business, signing up users is half the battle... The other half is getting them to use your service - demonstrate what they can do with compelling explainer video

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How to boost my win rates?

Short-listed for a high-value RFP? How can you demonstrate your USP? A "day in the life" video can make your differentiation tangible

An explainer video company with a video strategy

There are TWO key differences between us and other video companies:

One - we are Business Creatives. 9 out of 10 production companies have great creatives but no business people. Which means that they don't "get" your business and objectives. So, they can create a pretty-looking explainer video, but it can't be effective. It won't drive RESULTS! Our team blends decades of business, entrepreneurship, and marketing expertise along with awesome creative talent.

Two - we always start with a custom video marketing strategy. Every client comes to us with a video in their mind. But we try to open their mind to the possibilities... and the pitfalls of video. Video production can be expensive, but we can figure out ways to make it super cost effective by repurposing assets and creating cheaper alternatives that better fit your needs.

Styles/Types of animated explainer videos & other video content that you can select from

Explainer video styles/types:
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Motion Graphics and Character Animation
Other video content that we offer:
  • Commercials
  • Internal Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Interview Videos (Talking Head Videos)

The process we follow to make an animated explainer video

As an explainer video company that has produced over 1000 videos, we have created a very streamlined process that helps our video production to be more cost-effective and less time consuming for our clients.

For a fully customized explainer video:
  • Interview
  • Script
  • Storyboard
  • Rounds of corrections in each stage of the process
  • Production

Some of our happy clients

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... and some of our recent work

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