The 3 hurdles holding you back from unleashing the power of video for your business

Everyone these days is saying that recurring video is THE way to win new business. Because people are coming to you inbound and view your company as the expert. Which changes the conversation dramatically.

You’re no longer a vendor but an established thought leader in your space, and you’ve already offered tons of free value so there’s built-in goodwill to that initial conversation. Wouldn’t you rather that clients reach out asking for your help, instead of cold emailing or calling them and begging for business?

So why aren’t more businesses using video?

I just listened to the the Growth Experts podcast episode with Jason Hsiao, founder of Animoto, a video production tool that’s been around for 10 years now. Jason as a video expert for many years now had lots of insights on video for building a business and an audience, and what’s holding many businesses back from using video.

Everyone seems to know that video is THE way to build your business, but many find video intimidating:

  • Where do I start?
  • Is it going to cost an arm and a leg?
  • Do I have to be on camera?

These are the big questions that Jason constantly hears. As they were talking, I thought THAT’s exactly where we come in! We know exactly how to tackle these 3 major hurdles – and here are the quick answers: we start with what’s already working for your business and use video to amplify it, we lower costs dramatically by batch producing and streamlining the whole process, and no, you don’t have to be on camera!

Where do I start?

You just got your head around all the social media tactics and strategies, and now you have to figure out video? It can be overwhelming, so let’s make it simple. Jason advised that you can simply think of video as a way to amplify what’s already working for your business.

Look at the blog posts that get the most traction. Or research competitors’ blog posts with tons of traffic. Or take your newsletter and create a teaser or other video for it. And create regular video around that content, which you can promote on YouTube or Facebook for pennies. Getting video for already-successful content has 3 benefits:

  1. You know that this content is relevant to your audience so you know it’s not going to flop and it lowers your risk that investing behind video will be a waste;
  2. You’re repurposing existing content so you don’t have to come up with a new bright idea on how to engage your audience; and
  3. You’re boosting the ROI of all your content investment because now you’re giving it a new distribution channel with video.

So you don’t need to come up with new ideas, you know this content will resonate, and you’re broadening your reach cost-effectively!

Is it going to cost an arm and a leg?

Typically, video that involves a crew, expensive camera and lighting equipment, setting up and dismantling said equipment… requires time, planning, and lots of money. We see quotes that our clients get from freelancers and outside agencies that charges anywhere from $7,500 to $20,000+ for a single video. Even for a 15-second Facebook ad! That’s why video has been cost-prohibitive for content marketing, until now!

How are we different? We’re setting up permanent studios with full-time staff so we can lower costs dramatically by driving up utilization. The more streamlined the process and the more videos we can produce in a day, the lower the costs to you. And we’ve achieve up to a 100x cost reduction.

Our idea is to videotape a month’s worth of content in just a few hours. Then we edit it and you can drip out the content once a week. It’s super efficient because obviously you don’t have the time to constantly be shooting videos for your audience. And you can get 10-50 videos for the price of 1. For just a few thousand dollars a month, you can get the 4 videos (each typically 1-3 minutes long) that you need to drip out to your audience every month.

Do I have to be on camera?

Unless you’re a professional actor, you’re probably worried that getting on camera is going to be embarrassing. Which is one of the reasons why the vast majority of companies have animated videos on their websites. Unfortunately though, humans is what makes video much more authentic and relatable.

There are 2 solutions here:

  • We can lower your anxiety by hand-holding you throughout the process, or
  • We can eliminate the anxiety by having one of our actors become your company’s video ambassador.

So how will it work?

First, we’ll help you figure out your strategy, content topics, format, etc. And then, we’ll produce the videos. Whether you’re recording locally (if you’re close to one of our studios) or remotely, we’ll make sure that your video looks professional and does credit to your brand.

For example, if you’re remote, we can do what’s called a double-ender, where we’ll be on the phone with you, guiding you and helping you with questions in order to create authentic, professional quality video content. We record on your computer, and then you send the raw video file to our team of editors to work their magic and polish it up with color correction, lower thirds, audio cleanup, the works.

So what do you need to take on video? Just a few hours and a couple of thousand dollars a month! But wait, there’s more. We don’t just produce your videos, we help you think about a video strategy: how are you going to hook your audience so they’ll keep coming back for more, and how will your videos translate into new business.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level with video… without breaking the bank?