For your landing page, digital ad, or video to be successful, you need to communicate a compelling message to your audience that’s succinct and effective.

To start with, think about your message like this: Pain Point → Problem → Solution → Hot Button.

First, what does your audience experience as a Pain Point in their life? That can be “not enough cash” or “not predictable sales” or “feel sluggish / no energy.”

Next, dig deeper to identify the Problem. What’s causing the Pain Point? That can be “not enough outbound sales activity” or “not exercising enough.”

Then, what’s YOUR Solution that addresses the Problem? That can be “a proven email marketing system,” for example.

And finally, what’s your audience’s Hot Button? How will you impact their lives by solving their Problem and eliminating the Pain Point? Perhaps you’ll help them create predictable sales, which can fund their growth, so they can fulfill their dream of building a successful, fast-growing business.

Now that you have the components of your messaging… how should you communicate it?

The most common approach is to use this structure: Pain Point → Problem → Solution.

However, with your Audience’s attention span getting shorter by the day, you want to open with your most powerful statement. That’s the Hot Button.  It’s what’s on their minds, and what they crave.

The “above the fold” or “hero” message on your landing page, as well as the first 5 seconds of your video ad, should be dedicated to the Hot Button. That will grab your Audience’s attention and convince them to spend more time with your website or video.

So your delivery format should be: Hot Button → Pain Point → Problem → Solution.

And now that you’ve developed solid copy for your website or a great script for your video, you’re ready to put money behind it and share it with the world.

One key lesson here is, don’t redesign your website or produce a video to promote your business before you’ve clearly thought through your message.

That’s probably the biggest mistake I see companies make every day:  They come to our team of experts because we’ve produced more than 1,500 of these videos over the past 6 years or so, but a video is not a cure-all.  First we’ll help you craft a compelling message. That’s the most important thing. Because the right message will boost your ad click-through rates, on-site conversion rates, and video view rates.  Don’t waste any money BEFORE you know you have a message that will resonate.