Today is a great day. I’m very happy to announce that we are launching our Board Studios video content marketing mastermind. And this is for our entry level clients.

With some of our clients we’re working with them to figure out their content, interview them on camera, produce their videos, post them, promote them. Just to help them accelerate their success, and see results as fast as possible, because that ensures that they will stick with it, which is super important for the YouTube algorithms.

But what if you’re not ready to do that? If you don’t want to commit to something like that, if you want to give it a try, if you want to do the DIY approach, that’s why we built the BBC VCN mastermind group.

Features of the DIY Mastermind Group

First, you will join people who are exactly at your stage, they are very motivated to grow their business with video. You will have an accountability buddy, you will also have somebody who will interview you, so you can do everything on your own, and we’ll be giving you advice, pointers. We’ll be reviewing everything. Every week we’ll have a hot seat where you can choose to be on the hot seat, and we will look at your video channel and give you very real feedback, very actionable feedback, and the community will support you.

And just having this group support can help you really grow your channel and business. So here’s what you’re going to get with the mastermind group. You will get access to all our experts, videographers, SEO experts, LinkedIn experts. We’re going to bring in outside experts so you will have AMA sessions, ask me anything sessions on a week or biweekly basis. Where you will be able to bring forward your questions, and get feedback from experts who have been there, have done that, and have been very successful at what you’re trying to achieve.

And of course our monthly newsletter with ideas and lessons from speaking with every one of you, and helping you get through some hurdles. So we’ll share what we are learning from the hundreds of you, and you will be learning from the entire community.

The accountability buddy feature

My favorite, is the accountability buddy. Where we’ll match you with somebody who is not in your industry, but can help you really one stay consistent with posting your videos on YouTube and LinkedIn. But two, also give you very real feedback, and three help you do the interviews. So the most natural way for you to look natural on camera, you want to be interviewed. You don’t want to be talking to the camera as you go reading from a script.

So it helps having somebody on the other side of the camera. We’ll bring the two of you together so you’re helping each other produce great content. So the main difference from our white glove service, is that this is more of a DIY group. We give you all the strategies, the guidance, access to the experts, but you have to produce the videos, post them, and promote them. And you should do that diligently in order to see results early on.

When you get enough traffic

When you’re ready, you can outsource a lot of these things to us. So you don’t have to look for people on Upwork, or Fiverr. You don’t have to look for freelancers, vet them, and then manage all the files and the back and forth, and the feedback. You can give it to us, we’re the experts, we have super streamlined processes.

And we’re actually more cost effective than outsourcing to a freelancer, because we’re doing it for so many people that we have amazing processes, amazing people who are super fast.

I’ll be very excited to help you join us, you can do that at And I look forward to seeing you there.