How can video help your business?

Video is the future…

We’re seeing more and more companies across verticals leverage the power of video. Clients don’t read emails or websites anymore. But they watch video.

But not ANY video

Traditional videos include: product/demo videos, testimonials, and company overview or culture videos. Your clients don’t watch these types of videos. You’ll on YouTube channels that they typically get <100 views.

So WHAT video works?

Your clients need education to help them assess different solutions and develop professionally. If you provide this value-add content to them, you will gain broad exposure, establish your authority, and win over their trust.

Research some of your top competitors and chances are you’ll see they’re building out their YouTube presence.

If not, then you’re presented with a unique, untapped opportunity to be the first one and dominate in your niche!

Video use-cases

So what are some great ways you can leverage the power of video?

  • Educational, trust-building video series:
    When your clients start researching a solution to the problem you’re addressing, what are their questions? Can you develop a series of videos that answer these questions? Without promoting your service, and even providing answers to questions not directly related to your service. The idea is to be as helpful as possible so clients will a) come across your content in their research, b) feel like they can share because it’s not overly promotional, c) since it’s not promotional the answers won’t seem biased but rather more authentic, and d) start trusting you more and more as a guide in their journey to find a solution.
  • Client on-boarding to get the most out of your offering and boost customer retention & referrals:
    After someone has signed on as a client, they will need to learn how to use your offering and get the most out of it. Fast. The more value your clients find, the more they’ll want to use your offering. That’s the recipe for lower support costs and higher engagement, which in turn translates into success and higher retention. Educate your clients how to use your product or service, and get the most out of it. The easier it is to use, the more often they’ll turn to your solution. And they’ll recommend it to others. We live in a world where we can’t handle any complications. If it’s not super-intuitive, we don’t have the bandwidth to learn something new.
  • Employee training and up-skilling to boost productivity:
    If you’re a fast-growing company, you’re constantly recruiting and training new employees. If your turnover is very low, the cost to train gets spread out over the tenure of the employee and maybe it’s not that way. But even then, the more employees you’re hiring, the more important it is to make sure they’re trained properly. And if your turnover is high, that training cost can balloon really fast. With video-based training, you can develop a corporate knowledge-base that gets new employees quickly up to speed, but also upgrades older employees’ skills. The productivity of your workforce is what will make – or break – you!
  • Boost the ROI of your content marketing:
    Your company may have a blog, publish white papers, post on Twitter and Instagram, and even have a podcast. But by far the most effective way to drive awareness, connect with the right audience, engage them, and build trust is through video. You can take a lot of your great content and start repurposing it into video, or creating summaries in video format. That way, you’ll expose your expertise to more people and boost the ROI of your content marketing investments.

The bottom line is…

Video can supercharge all your other initiatives: building authority or trust, or driving awareness, retention, and referrals. You’re probably already making big investments in all these areas but you’re severely handicapping your ROI if you’re not putting the power of video behind them.