In this series of Video Content Marketing mini case studies, we take a look at specific channels by great companies and thought leaders and see what we can learn from what they’re doing with their video content.

Victor Antonio started posting videos on YouTube 10 years ago! He was obviously ahead of the game on using Video Content Marketing since many companies are just now making the shift towards video content in their marketing strategies.

He posts around 12 videos every month, an average of 2-3 videos a week.  That’s definitely more than most channels commit to, and it may seem overwhelming for someone just getting started with Video Content Marketing.

A key obstacle companies often face is that they don’t know how to come up with enough interesting topics to cover and create a full video content calendar.  Well, Victor Antonio has already posted over 900 videos, so he’s figured it out!

A great way to come up with ideas is to create series of videos on key themes.  For example, he has a “Tales from the Sales Side series and a different set of videos in his Sales Influence Dictionary series.  He also distinguishes between themes by using a different format for the thumbnails for each video, making it easy for viewers to navigate his channel.  When you’re posting so many videos that’s key!

In addition to his own original content, he also posts videos where he is featured as a guest speaker or as guest on someone else’s channel or podcast. This is another great strategy since it establishes him as a thought leader in his field of expertise.

But not only does he have a high volume of videos, he also has the viewership to back it up. His videos average 13,000 views, which is around 10% of his subscriber base. Now if you look at some of his most recent videos, they have much less than 13,000 views, averaging 1 to 2 thousand views.

So where does higher average come from? You have to go back a bit to see that he has videos with over 50,000 views, sometimes even 100,000 views. Obviously, content that has been around longer will attract more views over time. It’s also possible that some of his content was promoted through paid campaigns.

A quick read of the About section of his YouTube channel tells us that Victor is focused on public speaking and consulting. His channel reflects this very clearly and it’s obvious that he is a thought leader in the fields of sales and motivation. So, when you’re developing your own Video Content Marketing strategy, first establish your objectives, and THEN create content that will reflect those goals.

If you take a look at Victor’s channel, leave a comment below with your thoughts or observations and what you learned about Video Content Marketing.