In this series of Video Content Marketing mini case studies, we take a look at specific channels by great companies and thought leaders, and see what we can learn from what they’re doing with their video content.

For this case study, I’m taking a look at Sunny Lenarduzzi’s Youtube channel. Sunny is a social media expert who uses a Video Content Marketing strategy to educate people on how to best produce content for social media and how to best leverage that content once it’s created to grow their business.

Sunny Lenarduzzi started posting videos on YouTube 9 years ago! By YouTube standards that’s a pretty long time, which means she’s had to keep up with how the online video space has evolved over the years and adapt her strategies accordingly. That’s something people don’t realize about the video and social media marketing space, the rules and players are always changing. What was working a year ago, may no longer be relevant today.  

She posts 4 videos every month.

In fact, on her YouTube channel homepage, she promises a new video every Thursday. One video per week may not seem like enough when you’re first building your channel, but remember that Video Content Marketing is about consistency over time. If you’re releasing one quality video per week, as Sunny is doing, by the end of your first year you will have 50 quality videos on your channel!

Sunny now has 200 videos on her channel, over 200,000 subscribers and an average of 55,000 views per video! Most businesses using Video Content Marketing would be thrilled with those numbers!

Sunny also does a great job of dividing her content into Playlists, which basically serve as smaller channels within her YouTube channel. Playlists are a great way to divide content into different themes or subjects.

Examples from this channel include one Playlist called Be Your Own Boss, with 47 videos, or YouTube for Business with 33 videos.

Some other great features of Sunny Lenarduzzi’s YouTube channel include:

An introduction video on her home page, where she explains what she does and how she does it. Short explainer videos are a great way to sell your business on multiple platforms.

A Popular Videos section where her most successful videos are listed, including one with 1.8 million views. When you have videos that have done really well, make sure to highlight them.

And finally, she has a great testimonial on her About page from, establishing Sunny as a thought leader in the world of YouTube and Social Media marketing.

If you take a look at Sunny’s channel, leave a comment below with your thoughts or observations and what you learned about Video Content Marketing.