When somebody gets started with YouTube, there are always the same three hurdles that they face.

The biggest one is getting started. They don’t have the right equipment, or they don’t know what to pick, they get overwhelmed, they don’t know if it’s going to look good, if they’re going to look good, if anybody’s going to watch them, if they’re going to criticize them. We want to help you get comfortable. We give you the confidence and we make sure that you look very authentic. We’re even working with Broadway actors to make sure that you get the right tips. We’re working on a course right now that will help you look really good on camera. And have the experience because we’ve been working with a lot of people. It takes some work, but we know exactly how to give you the confidence, boost your confidence, and make sure that you look good.

How to find the right content

Now the next one is how to find the right content that would resonate with your audience. You don’t want to reinvent the wheel here. We have a team that does a lot of research. We do SEO, keyword, and competitive analysis. And we come back to you with exactly the topics that we think would resonate the most and give you the traction at an accelerated pace. And then you can do some work, prepare for those, and we give you an interview. It’s very conversational, it’s very natural, you look great. And we know that the company’s going to be successful.

How to SEO optimize it and promote it

And finally, how do you promote and get the most out of your video? Because it’s one thing to produce the video, it’s a completely different thing to market it. SEO optimize it and promote it. And if you’re missing these two things, your channel will not be successful. It will not get the traction you need, and you will get disappointed, and you will give up prematurely before you see the Hockey Stick Growth. Because with YouTube, there’s a slow build of your base and then suddenly, you explode and you get a lot of subscribers and a lot of viewers. But you have to stick to it. You need the consistency.

To get that, you need to see the traction as early on as possible. And we want to give that to you with very specialized marketing that’s specifically working for YouTube. We SEO optimize your description, your titles, your meta tags. We can even help you SEO optimize any scripts if you want to do your scripted material. And then it’s the promotion. We have a launch team that will watch your videos as soon as it’s uploaded on YouTube to give you initial traction and the YouTube algorithms, recognize that and to see that this is a video that’s very important. People are watching it right away. So it promotes it, it brings it up the rankings, and it gets a lot more organic views.

So there are a lot of tips like that to help you jumpstart the traction that you’re getting and leap in front of the competition. You can do a lot of these things internally, but you will need a big team to support you. And what you want to have is the expertise. Because we’re building expertise across working with hundreds of clients. It’s very difficult to get that expertise or the experience and implement it for your benefit without an internal team. We’re doing research, we’re doing testing all the time, and we’re spreading the cost across hundreds of clients so it’s very cost-effective. And yes, you can do it internally, but it’s going to be much more expensive. It will take a lot more effort and a lot more time.