Ultimate guide to level-up your business with video content marketing

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Even if you tried, you couldn’t miss hearing the experts pound their fists about the importance of video. Hubspot’s Inbound 2018 conference was all about video, companies are building their businesses on YouTube, and experts across marketing channels pick YouTube as the #1 means to establish thought leadership, build trust, and win new clients.

Our step-by-step process to create high-impact lead magnets using video


You’re sold on video. You know it’s the biggest trend for high-growth businesses. But where to start? How can you create high-impact video that will help you grow YOUR business? Here’s our step by step process to take out all the guesswork and anxiety.

The 3 hurdles holding you back from unleashing the power of video for your business

people step up

Everyone these days is saying that recurring video is THE way to win new business. Because people are coming to you inbound and view your company as the expert. Which changes the conversation dramatically.

You’re no longer a vendor but an established thought leader in your space, and you’ve already offered tons of free value so there’s built-in goodwill to that initial conversation.

2 reasons why video is the future of content marketing

It used to be that content and advertising were separate. When you watch TV you’re interrupted by ads. When you’re consuming internet content you have distracting banners on the side.

But the world has changed. Advertising is becoming less effective and companies are turning increasingly to content marketing.

How to lower the cost of video… introducing “Video as a Service” (VaaS)

Cutting edge companies are wising up to the idea that customers don’t read anymore, so they need video. And in order to get a return on their investment, they need a video strategy.

You need an optimized YouTube channel, video ads, and a constant stream of videos in order to engage audiences properly, stand out from the competition, become an authority in your field, and build trust.

How are your competitors using video?

No matter what keeps you at bay, you should keep tabs on your competitors, who may be getting wised up on video. Video can really boost the ROI of many initiatives around driving awareness, building authority, increasing retention & referrals, and training employees.

How can video help your business?

We’re seeing more and more companies across verticals leverage the power of video. Clients don’t read emails or websites anymore. But they watch video.

But not ANY video

Video is too $&*% expensive! What’s the solution?

The reason video seems too expensive is because it almost never comes with a plan.

The thing is… you don’t just need a video. You need a video strategy, which has 2 components:

How to nail your value proposition… and accelerate your growth!

By Daniel Kadvany & Konstantinos Papakonstantinou

Building killer products is NOT enough

Building a killer product doesn’t guarantee adoption and growth. Today’s customers are constantly bombarded with more information than ever, which makes it tough to get their attention.

Getting (and keeping) their attention requires strong, differentiated marketing -- which starts with your value proposition.

How to train your team... and boost productivity!

Founders, COOs, marketing managers, and HR teams have been reaching out to us about training their teams. Typically someone from their team will start researching different platforms called Learning Management Systems (“LMS”) but ultimately the problem is content:

How are you going to create the content to supercharge your team’s productivity?

Can video solve my problems?  NO!

Video is NOT a silver bullet.  So don’t use video to solve a problem.  Use it to SCALE a solution!

Time and again we get inquiries from folks who need video urgently.  But upon further investigation we advise them against investing in video.  They’re not ready yet.  And if they get a video, it won’t deliver the results they expect.

Your competitors are ignoring video ads - should you?

Video advertising is a powerful customer acquisition channel that’s often overlooked.

The most common barriers are:

  • I don’t know if it’s going to work for me
  • I don’t have a video, and it’s a pain to produce
  • My PPC ads are kinda working, so why bother
  • Video ad agencies are way too expensive
  • I have no idea where to start

How to differentiate your business

Inevitably, every time we speak with a prospect, the discussion gravitates to “what makes you different?” Indeed there are hundreds of explainer video companies. So we’ve addressed this question many times. And we wanted to share our approach here because it can be helpful when you consider how to make YOUR positioning stand out.

Craft a compelling message for your business

For your landing page, digital ad, and video to be successful, you need to communicate a compelling message to your audience that’s succinct and effective. We surveyed sales consultants and growth experts and distilled their insights below...

Win multi-million dollar RFPs with video

How we helped an IT Services client win a multi-million dollar RFP

Our speed and business/tech backgrounds are especially handy when you’re 1 week away from submitting your proposal and want to give it that extra “oomph” to stand out. We know you’re super-busy putting in the final touches for that RFP and we’re here to help!

Video can lower your customer acquisition cost

Video can improve the conversion rate on your website, while video ads can be a cheaper way to drive traffic to your site compared to pay-per-click (PPC)

If Adwords PPC is working for your business, odds are it’s your primary channel for driving traffic to your site. Video can help you in 2 ways:

1. Higher conversion rate

2. Cheaper traffic

Corporate video production

A short guide to help you get the right video for your business, and get the most out of it

Most corporate videos fail because they suffer from a poor script and/or there’s no plan to get the video in front of the right people.

Commercial Video Production

How video ads can help you promote your business

Commercial videos can be a very cost-effective way to drive traffic to your site as long as you know how to a) target your audience and b) write a compelling script.


Commercials are often used at the top of the funnel to drive awareness and initial engagement. You can drive traffic through SEO, content marketing, SEM, and video ads.  They all cost money and you may have to test them to see what works best for your business.

Boost your Adwords ROI with video

Tip #3

If Adwords PPC is one of your primary traffic / customer acquisition channels, then you HAVE to look at what video has to offer.

How to get the most out of attending an event?


You only have so much time and energy throughout the year, so you may have to be strategic about the events you choose to attend. With so many options, what type of event is right for you?

A good way to identify a suitable conference is to ask your clients about the conferences they attend.

An in-depth look at 4 ways to help you become a thought leader in your industry


First it was SEM, then SEO, digital marketing, content marketing… now the key to growing a B2B company is Thought Leadership. Because it builds awareness, credibility, and trust with your audience, perhaps in the most sustainable and long-term way.

So how can YOU become a thought leader? Here are 4 of the best ways, along with tips to help you maximize your ROI.

The best way to train employees & channel partners


After interviewing numerous companies about their growth and challenges for the B2BNXT blog, a recurring growth challenge was “how to train employees and channel partners”?

Training employees means you can clone the best ones and share best practices. Training channel partners means effectively scaling your sales force with no fixed costs.

Fundraising with startup pitch videos


What about entrepreneurs using startup pitch videos to get funded… what if you thought of investors as your customers, created a video that gives your pitch, helps them visualize it, and addressed their questions & objections more effectively?

How to get a great whiteboard video for your business
(the AIDA structure, with examples)

Tip #2

OThere are 2 key elements in every explainer corporate animation: the script and the creative.

The different types of explainer videos… which one is right for YOU?


Start with your goal, why you need a video. What’s the value of having the right video, more conversions, a shorter sales cycle, higher employee participation rate, smoother customer on-boarding and retention, a better-trained or more effective sales force?

How to stay ahead of your website visitors’ dwindling attention spans


You’ve probably heard that goldfish have a 9 second attention span. Well, consumers’ attention span is even shorter at 8.25 seconds (compare that to 12 seconds back in 2000, those were the days…).

Here are 5 tips to help you stay ahead of declining attention spans and the competition.

How-to guide: get a great corporate video for your business

video-production flat design

You’re already sold on the idea that you need an explainer animation to take your business to the next level…

Besides, your website visitors have all but given up reading any text (have you noticed how fast millennials scroll through a page these days?), and you’re tired of bidding up keywords to buy Google search traffic.

Should you respond to RFPs? Spoiler alert: your chances are better than you think!


It’s been a big debate in out office too. Responding to RFPs takes tons of effort, and losing is demoralizing. So we decided to put RFP responses to the back burner.

But we shouldn’t dismiss anything on gut feeling alone, so we did some research that changed our minds!

How to A/B test your video message?

Tip #1

One of the biggest problems of video is that it's expensive to change, so you want to make sure you get it right the first time. What does it mean to "get it right"?

Here, we said it… the future of B2B sales is VIDEO


B2B sales processes have been evolving: from cold calling to cold emailing, from BANT to GPCT, from features to benefits, from text to value-added content.

What’s the next frontier? How can you differentiate yourself, connect with your audience in a new way, and command their attention?

3 ways to make your RFP response stand out (and win more business)


RFPs take a lot of effort and expense, so you want to make sure you’re a real contender, you’ve planned ahead, and your unique value proposition will stand out.

In fact, your chances of winning those ‘dream’ RFPs you’re hearing about may be much better than you think!